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Ableton Live Performance

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This course will provide an introduction to the Ableton Live environment and focus on how it can
be used as a live performance tool. It will make use of hardware MIDI controllers and demonstrate
methods of integrating acoustic instruments to form a hybrid approach. It will also explore
different ways of using Ableton Live in a performance context, using case studies to dissect and
analyse the performance approach of a wide variety of musicians and bands, so students have a
broad understanding of how the software may be utilised.
If you are a:
• Singer/songwriter
• Electronic artist, producer and DJ
• Band and ensemble member
• Experimental composer
this class is for you.


This course was the best I’ve done so far because of the instructor’s knowledge and capability in music and the practical and wide-ranging, focused examples of software applications he provided.

Luke Warren was great!

Students should have at least two finished songs/pieces that they would like to adapt into a
performance or where they can use Ableton Live to augment their existing performance approach.

Participants will need to download the AbletonLive software application. (Currently offered as a free 90 day trial with the developer at: