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The Enquiring Listener - extension

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This course is open to those who have previously attended at least one term of The Enquiring Listener, or through discussion with the tutor. The course will provide the opportunity to revise the concepts covered in The Enquiring Listener couse, and then to deepen your knowledge by applying these analytical skills in greater detail to various pieces of repertoire.

Each term we will look at the use of musical concepts in one of the periods of music working chronologically, as follows:

Summer: Neoclassicism and Stravinsky – Serialism and Schoenberg
Autumn: Nationalism in theTwentieth Century – Bartok, Copland, Vaughan Williams
Winter: Music between the Wars and Post WW2
Spring: Music after 1970 – Australian focus

We will track the development of instruments and the orchestra as well as the types of music composed and performed, and how the concepts of music are utilised differently from one period of music to the next. We will study a number of representative works from each period in detail through listening and score reading analysis. This will include both vocal and instrumental works from the most important genres of each period.

Entry requirements: Students are expected to have completed The Enquiring Listener or have an equivalent level of music theory and analysis knowledge.


Cathy is an excellent tutor who was sensitive to every class member’s requirements and managed to make us all feel inclusive. She was always very supportive and encouraging and happy to explain things many times. She seemed to understand the approach taken by the adult learner and this encouraged the group to engage with greater confidence.

_An excellent course which went into greater depth, covering many different areas of the Baroque genre. Homework was supplementary and encouraged but was not compulsory. I would thoroughly recommend this to students who have done the previous courses.

_Cathy is a teacher who goes way beyond the call of duty. Her teaching is inspired, and she is absolutely thorough, punctual and engaged in both her subject and her students. I would recommend her course for EVERYONE who wants to enlarge their appreciation of music.