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Impro Basics Level 2

For instrumentalists who have completed Impro Basics Level 1, or who have some improvisation experience, this course provides an opportunity to continue developing elementary skills in ensemble playing, improvisation and standard jazz repertoire.

Classes establish practical ensemble skills by:

  • Putting improvisation ideas into practice
  • Learning melodies and chord progressions without music, developing memory
  • Creating ensemble arrangements

On completion of the course, a student’s outcomes should include:

A practical understanding of ensemble playing

Improved aural perception

Practical experience in learning jazz repertoire, and developing memory
The ability to play improvised lines, and create accompanying riffs


Very good tutor who helped everyone improve their improv skills.

Dave gave me a lot of tips on how to improvise on my instrument. This, along with analysis of the standards that we played, has certainly made me a better budding jazz musician.

Dave is not only a great bass player but also has a sound knowledge of the historical context of the jazz pieces we studied. He is friendly but also straightforward and honest about the mistakes we make and makes great suggestions to improve our playing so as to better serve the music.

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