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Jazzgroup One

This course provides a challenging, fun and exciting top level insight into all the skills and knowledge required to become a truly competent jazz performer.

Often considered a bridging course and introduction to the full-time jazz degree program, it is designed for those with great love and passion for the music who are wishing to improve their knowledge base of jazz standards, improve their improvisation, rhythmic, aural, sight-reading, technical, and listening skills.

Classes are run in a relaxed and creative learning environment tutored by the most consummate and encouraging professionals. They are led in a shared group/ensemble context but provision will be made for some contact time with individual students throughout the course.

This is an ensemble course. Typically there will be drums, bass, piano and/or guitar and up to 4 horns (trumpet, alto, tenor, trombone) as the usual line up. Other instruments are welcome (vibes, percussion etc).

Students will be offered:

  • an intense improvisational workout using ii – v – I chord progressions and complex jazz

standards in all keys, tempos, and time signatures to develop harmonic and melodic fluency.

  • rehearsal of a large selection of modern jazz repertoire from Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Clifford Brown, Charles Mingus, through to Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John Schofield, Dave Holland and Pat Metheny. Many of these compositions involve complex harmony, various time signatures, and diverse rhythmic influences from Africa and South America.
  • an opportunity to develop excellent improvisational skills, melodic and harmonic fluency.

Entry: by audition