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Jazz Piano Basics Level 1

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Jazz Piano Basics Level 1 is a course which introduces piano players to the elements of jazz piano style.

Playing through simplified arrangements of jazz standards such as: ‘In a mellow tone’, ‘Fly me to the moon’, ‘The preacher’ and the blues classic ‘Blues Almighty’ you will explore different ways to approach:

  • Chords and bass
  • melody and chords
  • improvised melody and chords

You will work steadily with the materials throughout the term to adopt a familiarity with the make-up and role of chords and their musical relationship with melody. Applying syncopation to melodies and rhythmic accents of chordal accompaniment will be an integral focus of Jazz Piano Basics Level 1.

The class will involve listening and discussing the rhythmic, harmonic and improvisations of the legendary jazz pianists such as Duke Ellington, Wynton Kelly, Horace Silver as well as spending plenty of time playing and practicing on the keyboards in our piano lab working as a group and individually with headphones.

Entry Requirements: Students are expected to have basic piano skills (equivalent to Beginner Piano Level 3 or AMEB grade 2) and an ability to read Bass and Treble clefs or an understanding of how a chord is constructed of root note, third and fifth. It’s recommended that you have access to a keyboard or piano at home to practice between classes to develop your own skills.


_The course was well structured and lots of fun. I learnt a lot.