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Jazz Piano Basics Level 2

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

The Jazz Piano Level 2 class would be a natural extension to Jazz Piano Basics Level 1. Also suitable for pianists with more experience. In this class I would demonstrate the different approaches to chord substitution and re- harmonization and how this informs soloing choices

By the end of the term I will have armed the participants with harmonic devices that will enable them to understand and sound like some of the great players we all have come to love. Where does Bill Evans get all those extra chords? How do you solo around these different harmonies?
You’ll find out in Jazz Piano level 2!

We will begin by listening to an inspirational performance of a standard by one of the great players. Careful listening is always the best place to begin as it educates our ears and whets our appetite.
Starting with the songs melody and original harmonies I will explain the different paths available. How the different chords affect the scale and soloing choices.
I will also look at song introductions and endings. Often my favorite parts of a performance. Song bookends are often overlooked in the enthusiastic rush to re-harmonize the composition itself.
There will be a little homework. I will ask you to re-harmonize some eight bar melodies I will provide. Just to make sure my teaching is effective! This is actually a great way to practice.
I will provide a copy of three songs and ask you to create an introduction and ending to one of your choice.

The introduction to these skills is the beginning of beautiful journey!

Entry Requirements: Students are expected to have completed Jazz Piano Basics Level 1 or equivalent understanding of the Jazz piano style. It’s recommended that you have access to a keyboard or piano at home to practice between classes to develop your own skills.

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