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World Music Ensemble - Audition

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

World Music Ensemble is intended for mid-level players who want to improve their improvisation, rhythmic, aural, sight-reading, technical, and listening skills through a diverse world music program. In addition, ensemble members gain an insight into rehearsal and performance practices, how to organize arrangements and the dynamics of working within a group.

Repertoire is developed through both the oral tradition, where melodic and harmonic material is learned by ear, and from written “lead sheets”, where the melodic material and chords are scored. In both cases arrangements are generated by the group with your tutor’s guidance.

Depending on the instrumentation and inclinations of the participants, your tutor will select repertoire that can range from drone-based to more harmonically complex, from Latin to Balkan to belly dance rhythms, from Celtic tunes to Greek dances, Asian melodies to Scandinavian fiddle tunes, Turkish folk to African grooves and beyond.
The ensemble can include voice, woodwinds (eg Western and ethnic flutes), brass (from sax to tuba and any in between), percussion (Arabic/Latin/Indian etc), guitar/plucked strings (incl bozouki, mandolin, any type of lute), piano, bass (acoustic or electric) and players of more exotic/ethnic instruments.

World Music Ensemble classes provide great scope for the development of personal skills, along with exposure to a variety of repertoire sources and the enjoyment of being part of a group on an exciting musical and collaborative journey.

Audition requirements
A 15-minute audition is required for this course.
You should be prepared to play any repertoire of your choice, up to about 5 minutes. You may read from a score you bring in, or choose to play/sing a tune/song you know, or do an improvisation, or all three. You should choose material that shows your technical capabilities and your knowledge of rhythm, melody and harmony etc.
Auditionees will also be asked to play along with a basic groove and some other ear tests eg learning a simple tune or clapping a rhythm pattern may be given. Able to read notation is an advantage but not essential.
The auditions are conducted in a supportive and non-threatening environment at the Conservatorium.


Llew is a rare kind of teacher that is brimming over with skill and kindness

It was a great course, with opportunities to contribute and improvise within the theme of each song. It was also incredibly varied, and definitely broadened my musical horizons. Llew was a great ensemble manager.

THank you Llew for opening my mind to new ways to approach the fretboard and how to communicate musicality between different musicians. I am reminded that it is a discipline, one that is to be treated with respect and patience. I enjoy playing world music all the musicians and I’m grateful that at the end I have come away with this feeling of achievement. Thank you for your kind encouragement along the way.

I got a lot out of this course – Llew was incredibly good at explaining the scale and transposition theory, which I hadn’t studied up on since music lessons back in my teens, and it was very much appreciated! Loved his enthusiasm and support!

Llew is very encouraging and inclusive. He understood each participant’s ability and level. The class contributed to the selection of diverse and interesting repertoire which consolidated, extended and challenged each participant’s ability and experience. The course notes and learning objectives provided each week reinforced the technical aspects of the learning – great to refer to at home. We were able to have the maximum playing time in the class.

Good amount of music theory balanced with practical instruction on how to apply the information . Interesting and melodic collection of music .

Llew worked very hard to bring us all together and get us playing. He tried to accommodate everyone’s needs and presented a varied program of music with some informative material on arrangements and music theory that related to the scales and rhythms we were using. Most of us were trying something completely new and I think we were all pleased with our outcomes.

Very encouraging and knowledgeable tutor.