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Cruise through the Classical - The Enquiring Listener

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.


This engaging 90-minute workshop will explore the Music of the Classical Period. We will look at the characteristic features of Classical music and how it developed from the Baroque period. Our focus will include the typical instrumental and vocal forces of the time, the types of works written and the pre-eminent composers.

Using skills developed in “The Enquiring Listener” course, we will investigate the clarity and symmetry used in the new formal structures of compositions of the Classical Period. We will utilise recordings and scores from works by Classical masters such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven including symphonies, concerti and chamber music.

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed “The Enquiring Listener” course or who has some music theory background and an interest in the exploration and analysis of music. It is a stand alone course, but also follows on well from “Breeze Through the Baroque Period”.