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Gamelan Workshop

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Gamelan is a generic Indonesian word for ‘music ensemble/orchestra.’ Lead by Peter Dunbar-Hall, this workshop provides music educators with authentic experience of Balinese music on the instruments of the Conservatorium’s Balinese Gamelan. The workshop will present practical ideas to use in the classroom and for personal musical development.

This workshop is aimed at music teachers but anyone who is interested in learning about and playing Balinese Gamelan is most welcome to enrol.

Participants will:
1. learn to perform a piece of Balinese music on the instruments of a complete gamelan
2. through practical experience, analysing the musical characteristics of Balinese music (lagu, pokok, kotekan, polos/sangsih, gongan, kendangan, reongan, etc)
3. learn the names and roles of Balinese gamelan instruments
4. learn theoretical underpinnings of Balinese gamelan music, especially relating to scales, modes and tuning of instruments
5. adapt the piece of music to classroom use on tuned percussion instruments available in schools
6. discuss the implications of the learning outcomes as aspects of the topic ‘Music of a culture’ in NSW Music syllabuses
7. investigate use of Balinese material in the concept areas of NSW Music syllabuses (duration, pitch, timbre, texture, structure, dynamics and expressive techniques)
8. discuss Balinese music in the four KLAs of Music syllabuses (Creating, Performing, Listening, Understanding)
9. discuss the cultural contexts of the piece learnt.

Peter Dunbar-Hall has been studying, performing, teaching and composing music for Balinese gamelan for two decades. Much of his work has been conducted in Bali, where he has been working regularly with Balinese musicians. His interest in Balinese music began on a tourist trip to Bali which led to his joining a Balinese gamelan group in Sydney and at the same time finding a regular teacher in Bali. He considers contact with Balinese teachers essential to learning to perform and understand Balinese music, and organises regular study trips to Bali for his students.

NOTE FOR TEACHERS: This session can count towards Teacher Identified Professional Development hours for accreditation purposes. A Certificate of Completion will be available on request.