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Meter Revolution: rebuilding your concept of meter

Meter Revolution: rebuilding your concept of meter
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Like harmony and modulation, meter is an element of musical form: a dynamic, fluid force that can change many times even in a short composition, and that can be a site of ambiguity or conflict. Over the last forty years, researchers have developed a very different concept of meter than the one taught in music textbooks. These researchers have reframed meter as a mental and bodily response to musical sound: the relationship between all pulses that a listener hears.

Following the success of two recent Meter Symposiums, the Conservatorium Open Academy in association with the Music Teachers' Association of NSW is proud to present the Meter Revolution. This workshop shows how modern ideas about meter can be easily implemented in the teaching studio, in group lessons and in the classroom, for music students of all levels and abilities. Students will learn how to classify meters by ear, to represent those classifications using small numbers and simple line-and-point graphs, and to relate those classifications to each other. They will learn to understand how composers and improvisers chain together different meters to create coherent musical forms that listeners can recognize and respond to.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • what is meter and where is it located?
  • how are meters classified?
  • what is the relationship between meter and musical notation?
  • how can the classifications of meter be represented?
  • how can meters relate to each other?
  • how do meters change?
  • how can a composer or improviser chart a metric “script”?
  • how can understanding meter help a classical performer to learn music, explore different ways of hearing a composition’s meter, and make appropriate choices from among them?

The workshop will be presented by esteemed teacher and academic Professor Richard Cohn. Richard is Battell Professor of Music Theory at Yale University, and is currently Visiting Professor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Professor Cohn is the author of two books, and fifty articles and reviews. He has presented lectures and workshops in the USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Singapore as well as in Australia.

Whether you are an instrumental or vocal teacher, classroom music teacher, or student; discussing contemporary thought, knowledge and teaching of meter is a MUST for all. So, come and learn about this groundbreaking concept of musical meter.

This session can count towards Teacher Identified Professional Development hours for accreditation purposes. A Certificate of Completion will be available on request.