Jazz Harmony 1 ONLINE Conservatorium Open Academy

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Jazz Harmony 1 ONLINE

$480 Limited inc GST
Jazz Harmony 1 ONLINE

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<p>Jazz Harmony focuses on the study of chords and their relationship with each other. This class will review some fundamental

This is an ONLINE class taught in real time For adults (minimum age 16) Entry level: Must be able to read music, have an understanding of how to construct chords, and an understanding of the major and minor scales and keys. Suggested minimum: Music Fundamentals 3 or equivalent. Participants will need: a device with a webcam and mic (laptop, tablet or phone all have these as part of their internal systems a desktop or laptop is preferred) a quiet spot in your home away from distractions an internet connection access to your email address you use to register to this class from the device above

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Jazz Harmony focuses on the study of chords and their relationship with each other. This class will review some fundamental harmonic concepts before exploring major and minor scale harmony in depth. The course will also discuss diatonic reharmonization, dominant chord types, modal interchange and the Blues form, through the study of a selected number of Jazz standards presented in class.

This course may be particularly useful for students wanting to apply for the tertiary jazz degree at the Conservatorium.

NOTE RECOMMENDED READING: This course refers to a select few chapters from "The Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony Book" by Barrie Nettles (Author), Richard Graf (Author) published by Advance Music. We suggest students borrow a copy from the library, purchase your own printed copy or access a copy of this book using a www.www.scribd.com subscription account which currently has a 30 day free trial.


Roy has taken my musical awareness and knowledge to a new level.

Roy knows the capability of each of his students and all our questions were answered accordingly.
It is the ability to make us see the scales, the modes, the intervals etc as a coherent whole and then suddenly they all come together.

I would definitely recommend this course. It is a unique learning experience - access to music education for adults in a group setting with an experienced tutor, an opportunity to develop skills and for myself, open the door to something exciting, something to aim for.

Roy was most accepting of our different levels of ability. He appreciated our motivation to learn. He answered our queries and encouraged us to think for ourselves, which is so important when learning something unfamiliar. He gave us ideas and practical strategies to maintain and develop the different topics of Jazz Harmony.

Very knowledgeable tutor. Learning pace was challenging, but the course provided a solid introduction to the main elements of Jazz Harmony.

Teacher was professional, encouraging and inspiring.

The course was fantastic, I learnt so much on jazz harmony which I'm now going to take away to try and incorporate my knowledge I just learnt into my playing.

The Open Academy is unique in Sydney in providing short course opportunities to learn about jazz harmony and start to develop real skills on your chosen instrument.