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BOOK 1 WORKSHOP FOR $35 OR ALL THREE FOR $75 NAOMI CRELLIN – SATURDAY 18 MAY – 10.30am Naomi Crellin (THE IDEA OF NORTH) has been a harmony addict since before she could talk. She is an advocate for the therapeutic benefits singing with others brings, and has dedicated her life to spreading vocal joy the world over. Join her for an immersive singing experience, working on part-holding, tone and blend and performance of the a cappella medium. Learn a song in four-part harmony and... [More]

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Tertiary Jazz Pre-audition Workshop

Are you planning to audition for a Conservatorium tertiary degree in jazz? Be well informed about the audition requirements and process so you can achieve your best result in this highly competitive field. This three hour workshop includes discussion and demonstration of the process, a mock Jazz aptitude test and the opportunity for some students to try a mock audition in front of your peers (this is optional). This is an invaluable opportunity to ensure your optimum preparation... [More]

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Australian Violin Pedagogy Conference

Friday 27 September to Sunday September 29 The Open Academy is delighted to again be presenting the Australian Violin Pedagogy Conference at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, curated by Associate Professor Goetz Richter AM and Caron Chan. The conference covers a wide range of topics related to teaching violin including presentations and discussions on aspects of technique, the teaching environment in schools and the studio, repertoire and masterclasses. This is the perfect... [More]

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Beginner Shakuhachi Workshop

If you’ve always wanted to try the shakuhachi, now’s your chance! Shakuhachi Master Bronwyn Kirkpatrick will present this workshop and demonstration introducing shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese bamboo flute. The demonstration/workshop is open to anyone 16 years of age and over and no prior musical experience is necessary. It will interest students who feel drawn to Asian music and philosophies and people who want to find out more about the shakuhachi and its tradition. It may... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Deke Sharon A capella Improvisation Workshop

VOCAL IMPROVISATION Vocal music isn’t all about arrangements and vocal parts; Most world cultures have a tradition of a cappella singing that relies on nothing but your ear and your voice. In this workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of improvising pop songs, how to sing a “circle song,” and how to improvise a piece of music without any rules or boundaries. We’ll be taking a few tunes you know and making them something really special with some improvised moments created by... [More]

Voice Works: enhancing vocal control, communication and care

One in three of the working population are considered professional voice users who need their voices to work effectively. Healthy, efficient and enduring vocal use is based on practical techniques that are common to both good speaking and singing. This practical skills-based workshop aims to provide teachers, professionals and anyone else who would like to use their voice more effectively with the fundamentals of how the voice works, how to use it better and how to look after it.... [More]

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Sydney Con International Jazz Festival

SUNDAY 2 JUNE ABOUT THE FESTIVAL Held over one day the Sydney Con International Jazz Festival is a boutique jazz festival presented in conjunction with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Open Academy at the Con and Sydney Improvised Music Association. This year’s Festival is on Sunday 2 June and is designed to be affordable, accessible and show case the best of Jazz from Australia, Sydney and the World. The festival uses all five of the Conservatoriums' beautiful concert halls... [More]


The Smith Family is one of Australia’s best known charities. The University of Sydney is proud to be a partner in The Smith Family’s emotional literacy programs. Since 2005 the CONverge program, presented by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, has been helping disadvantaged students explore their creative side and build confidence. CONverge seeks to help students explore and develop their musical identities, creatvity and potential by inviting them to participate in an 8 week... [More]

From Studio to Stage: psychology for performers

Many of us play well when we practice yet worry, tremble, feel sick, make mistakes or just feel our performance is not “up to scratch” in recitals and exams. We are not alone. Chopin dreaded performing, Pablo Casals often threw up back stage and Barbara Streisand did not perform for twenty years after experiencing a memory lapse in a New York concert. It is estimated that up to 70 percent of musicians believe their public performances are not at the same level as their studio... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Young Women's Jazz Workshops

About the Workshops Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Open Academy are pleased to present the 2019 Young Women’s Jazz Workshops. Now in its 17th year, the award-winning Young Women’s Jazz Workshops course teaches young women, aged 12 and up, how to improvise and get a feel for jazz and blues. Running over eight weeks, the program culminates in a public concert at which SIMA’s Media Partner ABC Jazz presents some awards. We cater to... [More]