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H3.Barayagal 2022 Barayagal is an intercultural collective of singers that gathers to sing songs of culture and stories. Directed by Gamilaraay songwriter Nardi Simpson, we sing to the place we are in and to the places we all come from. First Nations people and the Sydney University community are invited to join our choir. We welcome people who want to sing for the first time, and people who have been singing all their lives. Barayagal is a community choir, hosted by the Sydney... [More]
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<p>{image name:“Barayagal logo bonw sml” align:“centre”}<br/>{video type:“youtube” id:“gkpqNqVI9VY” "height:“440” width:“660”}</p><p>H3.Barayagal 2022</p><p>Barayagal is an intercultural collective of

Barayagal is only open to members of the Indigenous community and current staff and students of the University of Sydney. Staff and students must enrol using their University of Sydney email address as proof they are eligible to participate.