Covid-19 Updates and Policies

Open Academy Coronavirus Update

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is a serious concern to us all and has required us to make changes to the way we usually operate. The University is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to follow the Australian Government’s advice. As a part of the University the Open Academy is guided by the recommendations and Policies of the University. We’re committed to doing all we can to help our affected students and community members.

As quarantine restrictions change some classes may be able to return face to face but many will remain online for the foreseeable future as informed by University Policy and Public Health advice. Please see the website page for each program/ course / class for information on how your class will be delivered from Term 3/ Semester 2. Continuing students will be informed by the program coordinator. Newly advertised courses and classes will clearly be marked as either online delivery or face to face at the time of enrolment.

All face to face classes are subject to changing health advice. Students will be contacted immediately if the mode of class delivery has to change.

Public concerts or performances for friends and family are still not permitted for any Open Academy programs.

The conservatorium has taken risk mitigation measures for face to face classes but you will need to make personal choices about your health risks. Please take note of which form of delivery you are booking and consider if this is appropriate for your circumstances.

All students are required to follow the advice from NSW Health about increased hygiene:

• Frequently clean your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, or an alcohol-based hand rub.

• Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.

• Practice cough etiquette (keep away from other people, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and clean your hands).

• Self-isolate if required.

If you feel at all unwell you will not be allowed to attend class and will be sent home if you show any signs of illness at class. Please be overly cautious on this point.

For face to face activity at the Conservatorium building all staff, students, and parents/carers:

• are expected to comply with all building/ public health requirements on entering

• must formally register their presence in the building

• are expected to adhere to physical distancing guidelines both in shared spaces (Atrium, bathrooms, corridors) and within the seminar, studio and performance spaces

• are expected to adhere to the room occupancy limits clearly displayed at each room entrance

• are expected to sanitise their hands before entering and on leaving each room

• are expected to wipe down any item; computer, keyboard, amp, drumkit, chairs and music stands etc that they use as part of their class before and after class with an appropriate sanitation product supplied by the Conservatorium

• must take extra care not to leave personal items or rubbish in rooms for others to handle to minimise cross contamination

Please note that to allow us to manage the total number of people entering the Conservatorium at any one time students under the age of 16 attending classes can be accompanied by one parent/carer only. Any accompanying adult will be required to sign in and leave contact details and additional people who arrive with the student & accompanying adult will not be given access to the Conservatorium.

The use of facemasks for the protection of your fellow students and staff is a personal choice for each student or staff member and there will be no discrimination towards those who choose to wear or not to wear them.

For more information and updates to this information please access the University’s Coronavirus advice site HERE


If you become unwell you should not attend classes and should notify us. Our general terms and conditions around illness would then apply. Terms and Conditions

If you are asked to self-isolate because of possible contact with the virus do not attend classes and please notify us. We can then discuss with you the options available which will depend on which type of class you are enrolled in.

We are monitoring the situation very carefully and our position could change so please check this website regularly for updates and we will also make every effort to contact students if changes are required.