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Composing for Film

Held over eight sessions, the course will explore different aspects of Film music, as well as provide opportunities for practical composition in different film contexts. Andrew will share his extensive scoring experience covering an eclectic range of film and music knowledge The course includes in-depth analysis of the film scoring process and techniques, and will span various film music genres and their idiosyncrasies and traditions. These sessions will also give insights into the... [More]
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For adults (minimum age 16)

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Music Composition

The aim of the Music Composition course is to provide participants with the basic knowledge and compositional techniques required to work in the style that they wish to explore. Participants will work on their own tailored composing task created in consultation with the tutor and reviewed and developed each week. Each week different topics will be discussed including: how to get and develop inspiration different approaches to harmony drafting strategies using different software... [More]

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This course will look at various great songwriters and their methods and explore some fundamentals of songwriting by covering the following areas: Song analysis (listening to classic songs and analysing how they work and how the song is structured). Focusing on: chord structures, melodic ideas and touching lyrical content. Setting lyrics to music and music to lyrics. Writing music based on an existing drum beat. Analysing characteristics of genres. Discussing song structures:... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.