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Rising Stars Jazz

The Rising Stars at the Con is a dynamic performance-based music education program. The program provides gifted school-age students with specialist tuition in a supportive environment that helps develop their musical and artistic skills.

Rising Stars Jazz is designed to focus on developing improvisation skills through playing in small ensembles mentored by experienced Conservatorium jazz teachers. Students will also broaden their knowledge of the genre through listening and the development of music skills.

The Rising Stars program runs for on Saturdays 14 weeks per semester, with 2 semesters each year and entry is by audition only. For more information, please refer to the 'How to Apply' page.

Rising Stars Jazz Program Structure

The Rising Stars Jazz program will focus on three essential elements of musical development:


Each student is placed in a small ensemble which meets weekly at 2pm to develop skills in jazz improvisation in a safe and nurturing environment, mentored by an ensemble tutor. At the end of each semester the ensembles perform in a public concert in one of the Conservatorium venues. The concerts provide students with invaluable experience to try out their new skills in the live performance environment.

Music skills

In weekly group lessons, Rising Stars students extend their knowledge of jazz music theory, aural and listening skills and repertoire – all essential for development of jazz improvisation skills. Music Skills lessons all occur on Saturdays at 1pm.

Instrumental lessons

Each student is expected to maintain regular instrumental lessons with an external teacher but through the program will receive two 60-minute individual lessons per semester from a Sydney Conservatorium of Music jazz teacher, at the Conservatorium. Lesson times are agreed between teacher and student so are not necessarily restricted to Saturdays.

Students are also permitted to use the Conservatorium’s many practice rooms for their private practice time.

Requirements of the program

All students wishing to join the program are auditioned and will be placed in an appropriate ensemble by the audition panel, who will also allocate students to their instrumental teachers.

It is expected that students commit to attend each week of the program, unless unwell, as ensemble development is harder if ensemble members are absent.

At the end of each year all students will sit a performance examination and continuation in the program is conditional on maintain an acceptable level at the examination.

How to Apply

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Rising Stars Audition - Jazz

How to apply Students wishing to join Rising Stars Jazz will be auditioned. Backline and frontline instrumentalists are welcome to apply. The Auditions will be held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Applications are invited from students who have been playing their instrument for at least 4 years and are over the age of 11. Students will attend a live audition where they will be required to play an own choice piece in a jazz style that includes an improvised section.... [More]

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