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Kids at the Con – How to enrol in 2017

Weekly classes

Every term, students currently in the program are able to enrol their child for the next term before enrolments open to the general public.

Parents will be sent with an e-mail detailing how to enrol for the following term and detailing the date enrolments will open to the general public.

In 2017 these enrolment dates are:

TermCurrent studentsGeneral public
1Jan 19Jan 27 from 10am
2Apr 5Apr 13 from 10am
3Jun 28Jul 6 from 10am
4Sep 20Sep 28 from 10am

On the general public enrolment dates, a full list of available classes will be visible from 10am on this page. If you do not see the list immediately, please continue to refresh the page until they appear.

When enrolling, firstly enter your child’s details (first & last name) and your email address. Later on, you will be prompted for parent/guardian details. Please note that children must have reached the minimum age before enrolling in the class.
If you experience any difficulties please ring 9351 1207.

School holiday workshops

Our next school holiday workshops will be held in July 2017. For more information, click on our ‘Holiday Workshops’ page in the left hand menu or call (02) 9351 1400.

Join our e-mailing list to be informed of future workshop releases, dates and times.

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Kids at the Con School Holiday Workshops - 6-10 year olds

This brand new workshop is being launched in January 2017. It will run for 5 hours each day, from 9am to 2pm. Activities include pitch and rhythm work using tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, active listening activities, and the opportunity to make your own instrument. Parents/guardians are welcome to drop off their children in the morning, and return at 1pm for a ‘mini performance’ of the children’s activities from the workshop. There will be two short breaks for morning... [More]

Kids at the Con School Holiday Workshops - 3-4 year olds

Our youngest participants will explore the musical concepts of pitch, beat and tempo through creative play and a range of unconscious learning activities. Listening and motor skills will be engaged through echo singing, movement, imitation, playing percussion instruments, and musical games. This workshop will run for one (1) hour each day and will be taken by tutor Simona Green. Parents/guardians are welcome to sit in this workshop with their children. Material presented is similar... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Kids at the Con School Holiday Workshops - 4-5 year olds

Activities in this workshop will be similar to the workshop for 3-4’s, but at a slightly faster pace and targeted to match the higher levels of the older participants. More complex rhythmic activities and listening exercises will be presented, including call and response singing and musical signal recognition. This workshop will run for one (1) hour each day and will be taken by tutor Simona Green. Parents/guardians would not sit in on this workshop. Material presented is similar... [More]

Kids at the Con - Blue Class

For 7-10 year olds In the Blue class, conventional and graphic notation are explored and a broader range of rhythmic and pitch concepts are used. Building on solfege of previous levels, more challenging ensemble and aural activities are presented. The participants in this level bring a diversity of musical experiences to class but share equally in experiencing and making music. The Kids at the Con is designed to help children between the ages of 3 and 10 engage with the exciting... [More]

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Kids at the Con - Orange Class

For 4-5 year olds Building on foundational elements developed in the Red class, children are introduced to the first 5 solfa notes (doh-soh). Activities for group interaction are also encouraged as well as some exploration into improvisation. Our Orange class has a slightly faster pace than the Red class and begins to investigate rhythmic notation. As children do not have parents in class, it also encourages independent music-making. The Kids at the Con is designed to help children... [More]

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Kids at the Con - Red Class

For 3-4 year olds In the Red class, children focus on basic musical elements through exploring music with differentiation in pitch, beat and tempo. Motor skills are also improved using musical games. This class is perfect for preschoolers and parents are encouraged to join in. The Kids at the Con is designed to help children between the ages of 3 and 10 engage with the exciting world of music. Structured classes are presented in a challenging but non-competitive environment which... [More]

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Kids at the Con - Green Class

For 6-7year olds In the Green class, children continue to experience the elements of music through singing, moving and playing. Conventional music notation is introduced including rhythm, bass and treble clef. Ensemble work broadens to 3–4 parts and aural training also reflects this with more difficult solfege and learning of songs in more than 1 part. Many of the participants in this level have already begun individual instrumental lessons but this is not a prerequisite. The Kids... [More]

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Kids at the Con - Yellow Class

For 5-6 year olds In the Yellow class, children continue to experience beat, pitch, tempo, dynamics and structure through playing, singing and moving. Simple notation is introduced and rhythmic and aural elements become more complex. Ensemble work is explored in more detail. Working with different parts in both singing and on instruments contributes to a wider understanding of how music comes together. Our Yellow class is suited to children who have already started school, and who... [More]

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