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Electronic Music Production

This course will assist students to develop skills in using technology that will enhance and inspire their composing and develop their live electronic music skills. Students will be introduced to a range of audio technologies and gain a basic proficiency in electronic music production, editing and mixing experience. Working in the Conservatorium’s sound studios, students will learn how to create electronic music projects with various software such as Max/MSP, Logic, Pro Tools and... [More]
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Composing for Film

Held over eight sessions, the course will explore different aspects of Film music, as well as provide opportunities for practical composition in different film contexts. Andrew will share his extensive scoring experience covering an eclectic range of film and music knowledge The course includes in-depth analysis of the film scoring process and techniques, and will span various film music genres and their idiosyncrasies and traditions. These sessions will also give insights into the... [More]

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Sound Recording in the Home Studio

For students with a basic foundation in sound recording, this course explores and expands practical skills and knowledge to further develop production techniques and workflow. Areas that will be covered include: Week 1: Recording studio principles – from bedroom to commercial studio. Week 2: Interconnection – making your studio work in both the analog and digital domains. Week 3: Setting up to record – the Digital Audio Workstation, monitoring and the recording space. Week 4:... [More]

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Live Sound

This course will provide an introduction to live sound production, including: Principles and building blocks of a sound system Microphones and mixers Loudspeakers Front of House and monitors External signal processing – EQ, compression and Effects Sound system operation An opportunity (under supervision) to provide live sound for the Open Academy jazz concert in the Music Cafe and the end of term. The Date for Spring will be Tuesday November 22 WHAT STUDENTS SAY ABOUT THIS COURSE... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

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