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Rising Stars - Testimonials

Rising Stars our story!

"Providing quality teaching, sensitive professional direction and fostering a serious learning attitude to encourage a high level of achievement, has always continued to be the aim of the Rising Stars at the Con program over the last 10 years.

Observing their artistic growth and escalating levels of instrumental excellence, these young musicians will play a significant role in the future of Australian cultural life.

I am committed and honoured to be the Artistic Mentor to the Rising Stars at the Con program."
Rising Stars Artistic Mentor, Joy Lee

2020 graduates

Being in Rising Stars was one of the most engaging experiences for me. It allowed me to work on my musical performance, instil discipline, write comprehensive essays, conduct musical analysis, and engage with the wonderful teachers and staff working there. I have very much enjoyed my two years of being in Rising Stars, and as I hope to pursue tertiary education, I am grateful to the Conservatorium for giving me The Richard and Doreen Wilson Organ Scholarship as a steppingstone towards it.
Makito, Organ

The Rising Stars Program heavily influenced my experiences as a young performer. Since joining the program at the age of 8, I have been able to develop my confidence when performing... Watching other people perform has also enabled me to experience different interpretations and that has influenced my own musical understanding. I loved being in the chamber music program and meeting some great people through this.
Natalie, Violin

Being in Rising Stars, has provided me with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends. I am very grateful to have been able to work and learn alongside such talented, passionate and dedicated musicians, both students and staff. Participating in the music theory classes, instrumental lessons, advanced seminar lectures, chamber elective and the weekly performance platforms over the years has provided invaluable knowledge, insights and experience toward my growth as a performer.
Emily, Piano

2019 graduates

Rising Stars is an extremely rewarding program not only in performance development but also in musical understanding and development of curiosity. Everyone involved in the program is incredibly encouraging, professional and insightful. I am very grateful to have involved myself in such an enriching program.
Andrew, violin

When I first accepted the Richard and Doreen Wilson Rising Stars Organ Scholarship, I was excited to begin studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Rising Stars Program. To be in a highly professional environment was exciting for me… I enjoyed performing on the organ in Verbrugghen Hall. The experience of public performance was invaluable for my growth as an organ performer and making friends with fellow classmates, are memorable experiences for me.
Callum, organ

Rising stars has been an incredible and tremendous part of my life; the nerves before the first concert recital, first time playing chamber with my peers, finally completing musicianship and participating in Seminar. I’d like to say thank Joy Lee (Rising Stars Artistic Mentor), instrumental teachers and Open Academy administration for accompanying me throughout my musical journey and allowing me to gain such an in-depth musical and social experience.
Sebastien, cello

2018 graduates

I joined Rising Stars when I was nine, and I am so incredibly grateful for how well the program has nurtured my growth as a musician in all aspects: performance, music theory and music history. Rising Stars has encouraged me to immerse myself in music and meet other extremely dedicated and inspiring musicians, and because of that, I’ve been able to challenge myself to grow as a musician and performer.
Sarah, violin

Studying at Rising Stars throughout high school, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have met so many like-minded musicians around my age who continuously inspire and encourage each other to pursue their musical aspirations. Having been presented with many opportunities to explore different aspects of music through weekly Music Skills and Advanced Seminar classes, the electives Chamber Music and Composition, and recitals, I have not only grown as a musician but gained essential skills applicable to both artistic and academic pursuits.
Yitting, flute

The Rising Stars Program has been a major and vitally important part of my life since I was 13. I am very grateful for the vast amount of opportunities I have gained from the program – the student concert practices being useful in raising my confidence as a performer, as well as the Musicianship classes and Seminars helping to give me a greater musical knowledge. I am thankful to my teacher, for everything he has taught me over the past years. Through the Rising Stars Open Academy program, I have gained a number of experiences and friends that I will never forget.
Anastasia, violin

2017 graduates

Thanks to the Rising Stars program for the great opportunity for me to learn music in an environment with like-minded peers. I have gained a holistic understanding of different types of music through the music seminars, advanced my piano playing greatly through instrumental lessons with my teacher and refined my performance technique through multiple concerts. It has been a pleasure to participate in the Rising Stars music program. Thanks!
Tony, piano

One thing that I didn’t realise before I came to Rising Stars, is that players can be musically restricted by a poor playing technique. Although I am musical, I often struggled to play technically difficult pieces, and so I was not able to properly express my musicality. What I deeply appreciate about this program, is the amazing dedication and patience that teachers have for their students, ensuring musicality is maintained while preventing long term injury.
Kris, Viola

Thank you Rising Stars for everything you’ve done for me over the last few years. My time here has been one of the best experiences – which has only been made possible by the teacher’s hard work and dedication… thank you.
Stephanie, cello

2016 graduates

Chamber music is one of the most valuable programs in my opinion for young musicians as it really develops your ability to work with others and understand the idea of working as a team. Young musicians can understand that there is a much larger world than just playing solo. The performance opportunities are another amazing experience which give us opportunities to build our confidence on stage.
Rain, violin

I’ve had a wonderful three and a half years in the Rising Stars program through Open Academy at the Con. The weekly music skills classes have provided me with exposure to a wide range of music and musical concepts as well as opportunities to meet other young musicians.I felt the numerous performance opportunities that I had helped me to gain confidence and to learn proper performance etiquette and would like to thank the organisers, mentors and my particularly my teacher for their support and encouragement.
Kate, harp

Rising Stars has allowed me to grow as a performer and musician; it has provided me with countless opportunities to learn, and every Saturday has been so exciting!
Isabella, viola