Online Classes

Online classes


The Open Academy has a range of courses and classes that can be taken online particularly while the pandemic prevents us from holding classes face to face.  Scroll down for information on the classes available across our programs.

Kids at the Con

The Kids at the Con program provides an entry into the exciting world of music through activities and guided listening. Term 4 of Kids at the Con will be completely online, as will the upcoming Holiday Workshops. 
Term classes are available for 3yr-olds, 4yr-olds and 5-6yr-olds.

Short Courses

Term 4 Short Courses will be held online commencing from 18 October with a range of classes offered in a 6-week term. Topics cover both practical music making and music theory including; Composition, Songwriting, Jazz Harmony, Contemporary Song, Ear Training and Sight Singing, Vocal Technique, Jazz Guitar, Electcronic Music Production, Music and Fundamentals.

Play at the Con

Play at the Con provides one-on-one music lessons for instrumentalists, singers, composers or in music theory and across a wide range of genres taught by a teacher based at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. All lessons can happen online so you can learn with us wherever you are.


In response to the pandemic we have introduced a range of short workshops on specific topics that you can take from the comfort of your home. Delve into the world of Film Music, Jazz Recordings and or Soul, Funk 'n' Blues or brush up on practical performing techniques or music theory with one of our individual workshops.

A new set of workshops will be released in mid-October. Click here to see the classes recently offered and join the waiting list if you would like a workshop repeated. Re-visit in October to see the new topics presented.