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Since 1974 the Open Academy at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music has opened the doors of the Conservatorium to the community through a wide range of programs, courses and workshops for school students, musicians, music teachers and to all those who are interested in learning more about music.

It’s never too late to learn about music so join us today and "Find the Music in You"

Kids at the Con
Kids at the con

Fun group classes to help children aged 3-10 enter and explore the exciting world of music.

Rising Stars at the Con
Rising stars

Our flagship program for talented and gifted young musicians aimed at helping them reach their full potential.

Short courses at the Con
Short courses

Group classes for adults and life-long learners with diverse, entertaining, challenging and inspiring pathways into the world of music.

Play at the Con
Play at the con

Now everyone has the opportunity to learn music one-on-one at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Workshops & festivals
Workshops & festivals

Discover one of our many workshops and festivals throughout the year.