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Cracking Code for Choristers

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Cracking Code for Choristers

If you have ever been in a choir, intend to join one or just have a desire to understand written choral music more, this course is made for you!

In this dynamic 90-minute Workshop Rebecca Scott will show you how to decipher a song using correct musical terminology. You will learn to sing a song using sheet music and discuss what the different musical markings and terms mean. This workshop will demystify any of your fears about how to follow musical notation.

You will navigate the ins-and-outs of repeats, time signatures, bar numbers, melody/harmony lines and how to mark up a score. Once these musical directions are learnt, they can be applied to any song to help you understand the magic language of music.

REQUIREMENTS: Suitable for intermediate students who have basic music reading skills but have found it difficult to apply them fully during your singing. Students should be familiar with notation terms such as crotchets, quavers, treble and bass clefs etc. Sight-singing skills are not necessary but being able to follow the notes on the score will be. Join this class to strengthen your score-reading skills.