Film Music Exposé - The Enquiring Listener Conservatorium Open Academy

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Film Music Exposé - The Enquiring Listener

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Music has a powerful emotional impact, perhaps no more clearly displayed than in music composed for film.

In this ninety minute workshop, we will explore the four main functions of film music through an investigation of a selection of film music excerpts.
The excerpts will be taken from a variety of classic and contemporary films of differing genres, from action films, to science fiction, drama, thrillers, animation, multicultural films and more.
We will consider how film music adds to the impact of the moving images, in order to evoke a sense of time or place, convey characters or ideas, create a mood or express emotions.

Using skills and techniques developed in “The Enquiring Listener” course, we will investigate the power and techniques of film music composition by looking at the use of the concepts of music, and by utilising scores, audio recordings and film extracts.

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed “The Enquiring Listener” course or who has some music theory background and an interest in the exploration and analysis of music.