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Composing for Film

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Held over eight sessions, the course will explore different aspects of Film music, as well as provide opportunities for practical composition in different film contexts. Andrew will share his extensive scoring experience covering an eclectic range of film and music knowledge

The course includes in-depth analysis of the film scoring process and techniques, and will span various film music genres and their idiosyncrasies and traditions. These sessions will also give insights into the Screen composing profession and the many facets of the industry.

The practical element will involve participants composing music for a variety of Screen projects, including segments from films, television series and commercials. Through structured feedback and collaborative development, these practical exercises will facilitate a solid foundation in the craft of film composition.

Entry level: Participants should have a general interest in scoring for film/TV and story telling via music. A rudimentary understanding of music composition/theory will be helpful but not imperative. Students will be working in our computer lab for this course and will be using GarageBand/Reaper (software provided, or you can bring your own device if you already own GarageBand or similar providing it can synchronise to the provided Quicktime clips)


Andrew is an amazing teacher. He really guided me and helped me explore the world of music composed for films. He also provided me with interesting pieces of advice regarding my projects which were really good. I really enjoyed it.

_Our tutor was terrific. He knew the content, is experienced as a film composer in his own right, and was sensitive to the differing strengths and capabilities of the students in our class. _

_The course covered a lot of film music theory and history as well as software and techniques for recording music. A generous amount of information was given. _

Andrew is a great teacher. Entertaining and great at conveying ideas and concepts related to the subject. It’s a shame the course wasn’t longer!