Soul Ensemble -Audition Conservatorium Open Academy

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Soul Ensemble -Audition

$20 Limited inc GST
Soul Ensemble -Audition

<p>{video type:“youtube” id:“IUVhPawlXXo” "height:“440” width:“660”}</p><p>These classes are designed to introduce the student to a broad range of classic Soul and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues music styles. Key



** For adults (minimum age 16)

The fee for the 8 week term is $540. If you enrol for an audition by 18 September (end of early bird offer), you will only pay the Early Bird rate of $475.20 for the term (12% discount), providing you are successful at audition. If you are a full time student or hold a current pension/healthcare card you are eligible for a 15% discount. Call office for more info.
PLEASE NOTE: We will only audition positions that are vacant. Current students have first option to re-enrol. We will inform you if there are no spots available to audition for asap and refund your audition fee currently . For adults (minimum age 16)

SOUL ENSEMBLE start dates are: Tuesday 17 October and Thursday 19 October 6-8pm.


If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

These classes are designed to introduce the student to a broad range of classic Soul and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues music styles. Key features of this broad genre are revealed through the performance of historically important repertoire from the 1950s/60s/70s through to the present era. Vocalists gain experience singing both lead and harmony parts, while rhythm section players learn to create authentic grooves that will move an audience. Horn players learn to work as a section, punctuating the music and provide contrast with the short solo improvisations endemic to the style.

Typically there will be up to 3 vocalists (doing both solo and BV’s), a rhythm section of drums, electric bass, keyboards, a horn section (trumpet, alto, tenor) and 2 guitarists.

A 15 minute audition will be required to gain entry to the course . As well as requirement below you will be asked to do some basic sight reading from a chart:
PLEASE NOTE: No backing tracks, just unaccompanied performances for all auditions.
. Singers perform any two Soul/Rhythm ‘n’ Blues standards from the repertoire of Stax/Atlantic/Motown records. Sight reading ability preferred but not essential.
. Guitarists/Keyboardists/Bassists demonstrate accompaniment skills on a 12-bar blues plus one song from the repertoire of Stax/Atlantic/Motown records.
. Horns demonstrate improvisational skills on a 12-bar blues plus the accompaniment part to James Brown’s “Cold Sweat”, and be prepared to sight read/transpose a concert pitch chart.
. Drummers will be asked to demonstrate the following grooves: Shuffle, Straight, Boogaloo, Gospel 12/8 plus James Brown’s “Cold Sweat” beat.
Only vacant places will be auditioned, current members are invited to reenrol and auditionees will be notified as soon as possible if their instrument does not have a vacant position. In such cases a refund will be issued.


Soul Ensemlbe has been such a great experience for me and I was smiling all week with a full heart, happy to have participated and in the spirit of just having a go at something after many years of absence.

_Darren was excellent. Incredibly patient and knowledgeable. _

_Fantastic – great teacher and great group of people _