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3 Singers 3 Workshops


Open Academy brings you three of Australia's top vocal specialists in this series of Saturday workshops.

Each facilitator brings their unique skills and style to their session and is sure to get participants raising the roof in song! The workshops are open to all singers. All levels of experience welcome, so join us for one or a triad of fun filled workshops across 2023.

DARREN PERCIVAL – Saturday 4 November

Singing is an ancient practise and one that has evolved through the ages in different cultures and over time. Experience this evolution firsthand in this group vocal improvisation.

Darren invites people to sing freely when he facilitates group singing. He encourages each voice to be brave as the music is made spontaneously and sometimes without language. Other times the group will arrive at an old gospel song or a classic tune that is well known to all generations. Darren Percival, well known for his improvised looping pedal performances, will work with the group as they build on each other’s voices to create music as an ensemble.

There is a great freedom in meeting at a place in time and creating music and sound together. To paraphrase 13th century poet Rumi - ‘singing together doesn’t give us a key, it removes the door’.

(FINISHED) NAOMI CRELLIN – Saturday 9 September

Jazz singing is an intoxicating mix of freedom and stylistic convention. Jazz choirs use harmonies rarely found in other genres. Covering a variety of practical and aural techniques, this session will give you a well-rounded introduction to jazz choral singing in an enjoyable, non-threatening environment. Naomi Crellin will lead the group step by step through some well-known Jazz standards within a choral setting, introducing participants to the richness of jazz harmony and the enjoyment of jazz groove.

(FINISHED) LARISSA BURAK – Saturday 21 October

For Larissa Burak, music and her culture are intertwined. Experience Ukrainian music and song through this immersive workshop. Learn, practice and experience Ukrainian choral music as we explore: the world's famous the Carol of the Bells (Schedryk), Ukrainian sacred church songs and compositions by contemporary Ukrainian composers.
Larissa will also showcase the Bandura, a traditional lute like instrument often used to accompany Ukrainian song. Join us as we delve and explore this ancient cultural tradition with Larissa’s guidance.