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School Workshops

Conservatorium Open Academy can provide your school with a fun, engaging music workshop here at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Our workshops are designed for High School students and we’re keen to be flexible so take a look at the standard options below then complete the form with a brief description of your dream workshop for your students and we’ll see what we can do.


Gamelan is a generic Indonesian word for ‘music ensemble/orchestra.’ Lead by Peter Dunbar-Hall, this workshop provides students with authentic experience of Balinese music on the instruments of the Conservatorium’s Balinese Gamelan. The workshop will present practical instruction and information on the instrument and culture.


These workshops will investigate traditional music of the Balkans (eg. Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia). We can offer either a vocal workshop or instrumental (students can bring their own guitars, brass, woodwind and we can supply percussion and keyboards). Students will learn to sing/play songs from this region.


The students will access their “writing source” and express their ideas in written form through fun and informative workshops. Focussing more on the importance of words rather than actual music, The tutor employs various techniques to activate students' creativity and guide them in developing their ideas into cohesive song lyrics, drawing from personal experiences, emotions, and observations. With guidance, students gain valuable insight into the creative writing process and learn some basic easy steps towards expressing themselves through the art of songwriting.


Workshops are run on an “as requested” basis subject to tutor and room availabilities. The cost per student for a 90 min workshop is $35. There is a minimum number of 10 students
Request more info and apply for a workshop and/tour.