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School Workshops

Conservatorium Open Academy can provide your school with a fun, engaging music workshop here at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Our workshops are designed for High School students but some can be adapted for primary students. We’re keen to be flexible so take a look at the standard options below then complete the form with a brief description of your dream workshop for your students and we’ll see what we can do.


Led by local experts in the music of the Balinese gamelan on the Conservatorium’s collection of gamelan instruments, this 90 minute workshop is suitable for secondary school students or community groups.

In the workshop participants will learn to play a piece of Balinese music, and will learn about the instruments of a Balinese gamelan, their tuning and roles within a piece of music.

Please note most participants will be required to sit on the floor.
Minimum 10 – maximum 20 students. It is possible to run two workshops consecutively to include large groups


The Conservatoirum Open Academy offer a range of vocal workshops for high school age students. These can be adapted to your specific needs.

Vocal Workshops in the past have focussed on exploring vocal music in different cultures including Italian Folk music and Bulgarian Singing Techniques. They sound obscure but they are both great fun!

Vocal Workshops can be tailored to large or small groups.


Enjoy a one-hour, free guided tour of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to learn more about our historic venue and the amazing alumni, students and staff who have performed and studied here. For more information go to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music website please click here.


Workshops are run on an “as requested” basis subject to tutor and room availabilities. The cost per student for a 90 min workshop is $22 (this includes GST).
To request more info or apply for a workshop and/tour please click here.