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Blues Guitar

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Blues Guitar will look into the Blues Form and discuss the cadence, primary chords, associated scales, tensions and stress points of the harmony and melody. This course will look at variations to the basic progression and discuss the various sub genres such as Delta, Chicago, Texas Blues and more.

The course will also present and analyse transcribed solos and look into the sounds and effects created by a few notable Blues guitarist players. In addition, a presentation of more advanced improvising techniques will be discussed and workshop weeks will be allocated for students to present their own transcriptions.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS:  Suitable for guitar players who have had some experience playing the Blues. A basic understanding of music fundamentals required eg. interpreting a chord chart and a basic understanding of the chord scale theory. Reading skills not essential. Please bring your own guitar and lead


Best guitar teacher I have ever had over 47 years! His knowledge, easy style, passion and structure was terrific

The most informative interesting illuminating enjoyable music course I have ever attended. The information and level of discussion was always interesting....Roy excels in imparting gems of his extensive knowledge. Thanks to this class I'm further down the road discovering the guitar….what a cracking guitarist Roy is!

Roy is an excellent musician and teacher. I found his approach very helpful and thoroughly enjoyed his capacity to share his knowledge of the guitar. Roy is also a terrific communicator, and very skilled at conveying information in an accessible way to a range of students.

The tutor had an excellent knowledge of the genre and was able to convey concepts clearly. He was very encouraging to all participants and I have no doubt that the others took as much away from the course as I did.

Roy Issac is a superb musician whose love for the music and his instrument shines through. We learned a lot of practical information based on his vast experience. We also learned technical material suitable for any level. But most of all we were inspired by his enthusiasm.

Roy Issac is a great teacher. The content in the course was just right for me.