Jazz Ensembles - Audition Conservatorium Open Academy

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Jazz Ensembles - Audition

$20 Limited inc GST
Jazz Ensembles - Audition

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<p>These classes are designed for students who wish to develop confident improvisation, aural and sight reading skills. They


For adults (minimum age 16)



  • Monday 1 May - 6-8pm (tutor - Andrew Dickeson)
  • Tuesday 2 May 6-8pm (tutor - Brendan Clarke)
  • Wednesday 3 May - 6-8pm (tutor - Mariela Mulder)
  • Thursday 4 May - 6-8pm (tutor - Michael Bartolomei)

Any woodwind or brass instrument will be considered for the 'horn' positions.

The fee for the 8 week term is $540. If you enrol for an audition by 3 April you will only pay the Early Bird rate for the term $475.20 (12% discount), providing you are successful at audition. If you are a full time student or hold a current pension/healthcare card you are eligible for a 15% discount. You can enter your ID number at checkout to receive this discount. PLEASE NOTE: We will only audition positions that are vacant. Current students have first option to re-enrol. We will inform you if there are no spots available to audition for asap and refund your audition fee. In the the last class the students will give a small concert for family and friends

Please let us know your instrument when you enrol.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

These classes are designed for students who wish to develop confident improvisation, aural and sight reading skills. They provide an ensemble-based environment for the development of personal jazz skills, along with an understanding of the dynamics at work in a small performance group. Typically there will be drums, electric bass, piano, horns (trumpet, alto, tenor) and guitar as the usual line-up. Other instruments are welcome (vibes, flute etc). During the term: Drummers will need to provide the following accessories: 2 x cymbal sleeves, 2 x cymbal felts, 1 x hihat clutch, 1 x hihat washer & felt. as well as your sticks and brushes. The rehearsal room will have a drum kit and cymbals, amps and piano.

Combining improvisation with work on arrangements, students gain skills on their instruments as well as increasing confidence for performing with other instrumentalists. As those various skills develop, students will be able to recognise and produce aspects that make up good ensemble playing.

Students will benefit from and enjoy working with other players of similar abilities, learning from each other as well as from the tutor.

Gaining flight hours in ensemble performance ensures that students can approach other ensemble situations with more assurance and ability.

At the end of the Autumn and Spring terms the groups will have a chance to perform in the Conservatorium's Music Cafe for family and friends.

Entry is by audition and requires a reasonable working knowledge of improvisation, rhythm, melody and harmony. Sight reading skills are an advantage but not compulsory.

PLEASE NOTE: Only vacant places will be auditioned, current members are invited to reenrol and auditionees will be notified as soon as possible if their instrument does not have a vacant position. In such cases a refund will be issued.

A 15 minute unaccompanied audition to determine which ensemble suits you best. You should be prepared to play two jazz standards of your choice, to improvise over a blues head. Drummers will also be asked to demonstrate time-feel and styles.

Jazz Ensembles are run on Mondays: - tutored by Andrew Dickeson, Tuesdays - tutored by Brendan Clarke and Wednesdays - tutored by Hannah James


Ron is a remarkable music talent and has a great relaxed yet sharp style of direction, always delivered with encouragement and enthusiasm.

Andrew successfully inspires and encourages us to improve and enjoy the classes.

Hannah is not only a great bass player but also an insightful & encouraging tutor who always seems to get the best from the members of her jazz combo.

Andrew is the King. All hail The King!

Really helped me with my small ensemble playing

I've learnt a lot and become more confident in my playing.