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Impro Basics

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This course is designed for musicians with no background in improvisation. You will need some basic level of understanding how to read music and chord charts.

It provides students with an opportunity to learn elementary theoretical concepts, historical knowledge and basic skills in the art of jazz improvisation.

Students will learn to:

  • Put into practice theoretical knowledge of harmony and scales
  • Train their ear to recognise chords and scales
  • Perform technical exercises for improving improvisation skills
  • Develop time and rhythmic feel
  • Listen and relate to other instruments
  • Play simple pieces from the standard jazz repertoire

Outcomes include:

  • A practical understanding of contemporary harmony and scales
  • The ability to apply essential technical exercises
  • Practical experience of playing simple improvised melodic lines over a standard melody and chords.


I found the online experience to be a good alternative to face to face.(REGARDING ONLINE LEARNING)

Really friendly tutor who made it easy to learn concepts.

Extremely knowledgeable teacher and super talented musician who has not only amazing music skills but an outstanding knowledge of the various jazz idiom/styles. Dave has a friendly approach and is very encouraging but at the same time he gives a realistic and constructive feedback whenever improvement is needed. I also liked Dave telling about musical situations/stories that he experienced, thus giving a real life/practical approach to theoretical concepts that he asks us to explore!

Anyone who plays any instrument, and wants to improvise in a jazz band but doesn't know where to begin, should do this course. Take courage, it will be challenging, but you will be improvising in an ensemble setting from the first lesson.

Playing music in a group was an exciting and unique experience.

David Pudney is an inclusive and experienced tutor, who helped the group to significantly develop its improvisation skills.

Dave is a great tutor, takes time to explain detail and share knowledge and experience: 5 stars!

I enjoyed every minute of it the lessons. Dave is a very passionate and wonderful teacher.Has helped me improved my skills and knowledge in such a short amount of time.