Songwriting Workshop - level 2 Conservatorium Open Academy

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Songwriting Workshop - level 2

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

  • Songwriting 1 & Songwriting Workshop are taught by Keppie Coutts, who has over 7 years’ experience teaching through award-winning Berklee Online. Keppie has additionally pioneered remote live delivery of songwriting courses in higher education through Collarts in Melbourne, and is thrilled to offer both Songwriting courses live and online.

Songwriting Workshop will build upon Songwriting 1, covering more advanced concepts in lyric, melody, chord writing, and song forms in contemporary popular songwriting. Topics will include:
· verse development strategies
· rhyme schemes and rhyme types
· writing in modes and using chords of modal interchange
· other non-diatonic harmonic choices

The two-hour class will be a blend of content and workshop, where the second hour of each night will be dedicated to workshopping participants' own songs.

It is highly recommended that those interested complete Songwriting 1 as a pre-requisite. Entry to the Songwriting Workshop may also be granted through application, where the songwriter has some substantial background in songwriting and music theory. This can be discussed with the teacher prior to the start of semester.


completed Songwriting 1 OR a comfortable working knowledge of diatonic harmony and some basic non-diatonic harmony (eg secondary dominants); and
the ability to record your songs at home and submit recordings via email (recording on iPhone or other phone app is fine).