Vocal Horizons Level 1 Conservatorium Open Academy

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Vocal Horizons Level 1

$480 Limited inc GST
Vocal Horizons Level 1

<p>{video type:“youtube” id:“Z1aQdrRleRA” "height:“440” width:“660”}<br/>For students with some singing experience, this course provides the knowledge and skills required to sing and perform with a

THIS IS A FACE TO FACE CLASS For adults (minimum age 16)

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

For students with some singing experience, this course provides the knowledge and skills required to sing and perform with a well-produced voice. Students will also further their knowledge of music theory.

Students will learn to:
Understand and apply the fundamentals of vocal technique through:
Vocal warm-up exercises
Learning about the diaphragm to support singing
Learning about the physiology of the voice
Postural and vocal care awareness
Articulation and vocal placement pointers
Understand and apply the fundamentals of performance technique through:
Self-confidence skills
Unblocking old habits
Management of performance anxiety and stress

A range of varied part singing as a group
Sustaining own harmony line within the group
An optional solo song in master class style during the course
Classes will be led in an ensemble context but provision will be made for individual contact time with the tutor during master classes. Repertoire will include ensemble pieces provided by the tutor appropriate to the ability and voice type of the students.

What students say about this course

Rebecca ensured that no one person dominated the speaking. She always went around the group to draw people into discussion and didn’t allow anyone to speak too long. She was entertaining, very knowledgeable and moved things along really well.

_Rebecca Scott has revitalised all my forgotten music skills. Her master classes and skill for correction and bringing out the qualities in your voice are outstanding. The vocal horizon 1&2 have been the best, most valuable experience for me.

I have had several music tutors in the past and I feel that Becky is one of the most experienced and talented teachers I have ever encountered. Attending her classes was an absolute joy and I would love to join her classes again in the future

Rebecca was great at catering to a class of people with different backgrounds, and managed to help the entire cohort progress. Very impressive indeed.

An excellent teacher with great communication skills and excellent knowledge of her area. Also a good sense of humour. All of this makes for an enjoyable and supportive learning experience.

I would definitely recommend this course to others. From the start the teacher made sure there is a nice and safe environment in which we feel comfortable to sing freely. It has given me the opportunity to sing with other people and the course has improved my theory as well as my vocal ability.

Becky is an outstanding tutor with exceptional skills in engaging a group, supporting individuals and imparting her vast knowledge of music theory and vocal technique. And her song choices are a dream!