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Vocal Workout

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Vocal Workout – a place to exercise your voice!
Give your voice a workout using the great singing methods of the past and present – Diack, Marchesi, Concone and Aebersold. This course will help you to develop healthy vocal habits and improve technique. This course offers a regular weekly space in which students can ‘workout’ - explore and have demystified various vocal drills presented by an expert practitioner in a methodical order.

Vocal Workout was devised to fill the need for the tuition of good healthy voice drills, an area of voice maintenance often overlooked in this fast-paced world. The course is suitable both for singers with limited experience and for professional singers who may not have explored the benefits of vocal drills – rest assured if bad habits have crept in over the years then these can be broken and replaced with new healthy ones, through the application of monitored vocal drilling.

Entry: open to anyone with some singing experience. N.B:The ability to pitch accurately is important for this course.

The basics of healthy vocalisation will be explored through a Call and Response format where drills are demonstrated and students are asked to copy these in their own acoustic space

*Open discussions on technique are welcome and encouraged and a range of Vocal ‘Methods’ are explored

In Vocal Workout Students will learn how to:

  • increase flexibility and agility in the voice
  • sing scales and modes smoothly and with accurate intonation
  • use vocal devices such as staccato, messa di voce, legato, portamento and scat
  • develop breath control in florid or improvised passages
  • extend their range through register blending

On successful completion of the course, a student’s outcomes should include:

  • knowledge of a range of vocal ‘methods’ and their uses
  • proficiency in vocal exercises
  • improved range extension, agility and flexibility
  • understanding of breath management techniques
  • ability to devise a regular practice regime

Please Note: this course will suit singers of all repertoires from classical through to jazz and world music, however the course does NOT involve the singing of any solo repertoire


Nadia makes this very technical vocal practice vibrant and intriguing

Nadia was fabulous. Lots of handouts and scales to practise.

Nadia Piave was such a brilliant teacher. I did not know a thing about singing but she taught the basics really well, and in an imaginative and inspiring way (with a quirky twist).

Nadia Piave is a very good tutor with much patience and enthusiasm.