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Vocal Horizons Level 2

For adults (minimum age 16)
Entry Level: Prior enrolment in Vocal Horizons 1 or by telephone interview.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

This course is for singers who want to delve deeper into vocal technique, enhance practice strategies and develop a greater knowledge of solo and ensemble/part-singing repertoire with more technically advanced songs.

Vocal and performance techniques covered include:

  • A combination of scales and warm-up exercises
  • Incorporating essential basic theory in ensemble repertoire
  • The importance of group harmony and blending
  • Awareness of increased vocal range and intonation
  • Self-assessment in rhythm cognition exercises
  • A more in-depth look at how to apply positive thinking in performance
  • More advanced ensemble singing with random solo lines included
  • Further development of solo singing
  • The opportunity to perform a solo song/s in master class format during the course

Classes will be led in an ensemble context but provision will be made for individual contact time with the tutor during master classes. Repertoire will include ensemble pieces provided by the tutor appropriate to the ability and voice type of the students.

Goals include:

  • To gain Insights on how the vocal apparatus functions and develops
  • To offer the opportunity to learn new repertoire
  • To critically listen to each other during part-singing and learn to blend
  • To learn an array of songs from different genres, working on them weekly
  • Awareness of musical interpretation for singing with finesse
  • To enlighten the student with positive outlooks on their voice and ability

What students say about this course

Becky is a wonderful tutor, inclusive and encouraging, and her feedback on performance was very helpful.

Rebecca Scott is a very good teacher with knowledge, sense of humor, patience and guidance. Love being in her class.

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