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Vocal Horizons Level 2

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Join me on a creative journey of singing and musicianship using an online platform for vocal instruction. We will delve deeply into vocal technique, breath management, intricate repertoire learning, musicianship and rhythmic application.

Classes will be conducted via video conferencing where you and your classmates can interact visually and verbally in a safe environment. As harmony singing in real time is not possible online, solo tracks for part learning will be submitted for homework. This will be shared on screen for tips and tools, then later edited for harmony synchronisation.

Vocal and performance techniques covered include:
• A combination of scales and warm-up exercises
• Incorporating essential theory written in repertoire
• Awareness of increased vocal range and intonation
• Self-assessment in rhythm cognition exercises
• A more in-depth discussion at how to apply positive thinking in performance
• The opportunity to perform a solo song/s in master class format during the course in real time and receive feedback

Goals include: • To gain Insights on how the vocal apparatus functions and develops • To offer the opportunity to learn new repertoire • To learn an array of techniques for note learning • Awareness of musical interpretation for singing with finesse • To enlighten the student with positive outlooks on their voice and ability • To master a totally new way of coming together as a group and keeping music fun and alive!

What students say about this course

_Rebecca Scott has revitalised all my forgotten music skills. Her master classes and skill for correction and bringing out the qualities in your voice are outstanding. The vocal horizon 1&2 have been the best, most valuable experience for me.

Becky is a wonderful tutor, inclusive and encouraging, and her feedback on performance was very helpful.

Rebecca Scott is a very good teacher with knowledge, sense of humor, patience and guidance. Love being in her class.

Becky is a remarkable and extremely talented singer and teacher. Her ability to assess the mood and needs of the class is second to none. Her sense of humour also builds a wonderful class atmosphere. Consider myself so lucky to have her teaching skills and super performing ability. Accompanist, John, is a wonderful supplement to the class in terms of musical contribution and intellect. A great team.