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Choir Singing Essentials

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Choir Singing Essentials is designed for those who intend to join a choir or who are presently in one and would like to further develop their skills. It opens a toolbox for how to prepare vocal music for choir including finding your voice type, how to sing in harmony, practice techniques, breath management, rhythm training, strategies for score reading and memorisation.

Vocally, you will be guided through pieces in different genres ranging from classical to jazz plus a variety of warm-up exercises to complement the repertoire range.


  • Voice part recognition i.e. soprano, alto, tenor, bass. This includes the range of the voice and where it sits.
  • Trouble shooting vocal production, for e.g. register breaks and range.
  • Slowing down the process of harmony singing to gain increased awareness of tuning, blend and rhythm.
  • Be able to hold your own line when singing in an ensemble.
  • Tricks and tips for watching the conductor, keeping in time AND reading the score simultaneously.
  • Strengthen score reading ability and interpretation.
  • How to learn to prepare a voice part for harmony singing in class and how to practice at home.
  • Learn engaging warm-up exercises in a range of styles.
  • Introducing tips of the trade to encourage vocal confidence.
  • Preparation tips for joining a choir and/or auditioning for one.
  • Encouraging student to allow for mistakes and work efficiently under musical instructions, in a safe and positive environment.

Course requirements:

We recommend that students have completed one of our other vocal classes: Vocal Horizons, Contemporary Singer or Vocal Fundamentals and have some understanding of music notation such as recognising crotchets, quavers and minims and knowing note names on the stave.

What students say about this course

Rebecca Scott has revitalised all my forgotten music skills. Her skill for bringing out the qualities in your voice are outstanding.

Becky is a wonderful tutor, inclusive and encouraging.

Rebecca Scott is a very good teacher with knowledge, sense of humour, patience and guidance. Love being in her class.

Becky is a remarkable and extremely talented singer and teacher. Her ability to assess the mood and needs of the class is second to none. Her sense of humour also builds a wonderful class atmosphere. Consider myself so lucky to have her teaching skills and super performing ability.