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Vocal Fundamentals

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

In this unique course, students will have the opportunity to work with two specialist tutors, developing fundamental skills in both vocal technique for Singing and Speech and music literacy in a fun and supportive environment. This will allow students to sing, speak and perform with greater musical understanding. Whilst the class is held in a group context, each class will consist of tutorials in smaller groups with each tutor, before the entire group comes together at the end of class for shared discussion. Throughout the course backing tracks will be made available for students to practice with at home. This provides the opportunity to apply the skills and concepts covered in the tutorials.

Students will learn to understand and apply the following fundamentals of vocal technique for Singing and Speech including:
• Warming-up
• Breathing
• Posture
• Resonance
• Diction (vowels and consonants)
• Good tone colour for Speech
• Improved Vocal Strength
• Vocal health

In addition they will learn to confidently navigate a vocal score by understanding and applying fundamental concepts in music notation and sight singing, including:
• Developing skills in reading and performing rhythms in both simple and compound time signatures, including syncopation
• Reading pitch in the treble and bass clef
• Understanding the concept of key and why it is important for singers to be able to decode key signatures using the cycle of fifths
• Developing an awareness of major, minor and modal tonalities
• Developing sight singing skills including interval and pattern recognition
• Making sense of vocal scores: decoding the dots!


Really appreciate the efforts to overcome the challenges of teaching and learning online during a pandemic, I felt connected, had fun and learned a lot from the course even in virtual space.

This was a marvellous course. We covered so much, and with such clarity and enthusiasm on the part of Cathy and Nadia. Both excelled in imparting their extensive knowledge in a way that was easily absorbed (even by the uninitiated, like me) and inspiring. Their teaching methods are so effective and their approach to learning, so refreshing. So, thank you for making this course available. I have already recommended it to several people.

This course is a great blend of voice exercising and training and learning to follow sheet music. I was astounded how simply and quickly Cathy and Nadia brought newcomers up to speed on reading music. Both of our tutors were just great. Heaps of fun and laughs. When we weren’t singing we were exercising our vocal chords laughing! Cathy and Nadia were very generous with guidance. Top course!

The tutors, Cathy and Nadia, were very good and I could tell that they not only know a lot about music and singing, but they genuinely enjoy teaching too…..The mysterious world of music that I knew nothing about makes more sense now!

Both Cathy and Nadia were fantastic...I enjoyed it so much I’ve booked in for next term.

I signed up for Vocal Fundamentals to improve my voice and confidence in front of people. As a total beginner to music and singing, the course was a great introduction! I was worried, but it wasn’t too hard or too simple. And it was good fun.

Cathy and Nadia are experienced teachers who have a wonderful style when working with a group of mixed ability grown-ups. There was a non- threatening atmosphere maintained throughout the course with an effective emphasis on fun. Having the class split for part of the session and coming together for the finale worked very well as Cathy and Nadia were able to give more attention to the smaller groups. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone with little or no musical nouse.

Cathy and Nadia introduced me to the world of music and awakened a love for learning that will last a lifetime. I am very grateful.

For anyone who has little or no musical knowledge and wants to gain an introductory understanding, this is the course! Music was a foreign language to me but after eight weeks I had a good idea on how to approach it. Singing techniques were professionally explained while music theory was presented in a gently challenging manner. Excellent teachers have an experienced understanding of the needs of adult learners. There is an emphasis on having fun and no one is left feeling threatened. Life changing!

It has been the most terrific experience. Very sad to have reached the end of the course, would love there to be a sequel! Cathy and Nadia are hugely talented both as practitioners and teachers (a great rarity)

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