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Lyric Writing ONLINE

$185 Limited inc GST
Lyric Writing ONLINE

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Self paced
Approximately 18 hours
365 maximum days to complete
2022-05-21 2022-05-21
Virtual Sydney Conservatorium of Music
This is an SELF PACED online class.
$285 Limited inc GST
Lyric Writing ONLINE

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This is an FULL VERSION online class with set dates and times.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

"Here is the magical realisation for us as lyric writers: Emotion lives in the body. It lives in the details of our lives. This idea lives at the core of what great writers know either instinctually or through training." Keppie Coutts

Lyric Writing online will systematically take you through each element of crafting great lyrics, from structure and form, to imagery and metaphor so that your songs are meaningful, memorable and magnificently crafted.


The components of the course are:

●     6 content modules

●     Mid-week Exercises

●     Weekly Live Class

●     End-of-week Discussion

●     End-of-week Project

●     Weekly feedback from instructor on weekly Projects

The course content for each week will take about 1-2hrs to cover. Mid-week Exercises will take a total of 30-60mins, and you will always have a Module Project at the end of the week, which is designed to take around 60mins to complete. Including our weekly Live Class (1hr), you can expect to spend around 3-4hrs per week on the course.

Our Live Class will be at a scheduled time each week. Best efforts will be taken to coordinate a time that includes everyone, though with different time zones, it may be impossible to schedule a time that suits all. In this circumstance, the time may change on designated weeks to give others a chance to join, as long as there is a critical mass for whom the alternate time still works. Each class is video recorded and made available to watch within 24 hours, so in the case that you are not able to make the scheduled time, you are always able to watch the recording, and to post any questions or comments in the class Discussion board.

Everyone will receive feedback on each of their Weekly Projects, as long as they are submitted on time. In an online environment, staying current with the pace of the course is essential to the sense of community, as well as the instructor’s ability to manage their time appropriately. 


If you are enrolled in the SELF-PACED version, you have access to the course materials for 1 year from the date of enrollment. You also have access to free quarterly Office Hours, which will be held online 4 times per calendar year. This is a chance to bring lyric ideas, song demos, or any questions you have around the course content for discussion! You will need to register ahead of time for these. Registration links will be provided after enrolment. 

 The components of the course are:

●     6 content modules

●     'Mid-week' Exercises

●     6 'Weekly' Projects

●     feedback from instructor on weekly Projects???

You also have access to the Community Discussion Board, where you can post your Weekly Project (you can choose when to submit these over the year??), and receive feedback from others enrolled in the self-paced version.


●     Computer

●     Internet connection

●     Headphones and computer microphone for Zoom classes

●     Recording device (optional) -- voice memo recorder on most phones is fine

●     Spotify account (you can sign up for a free account here)