Music Fundamentals Level 3 ONLINE Conservatorium Open Academy

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Music Fundamentals Level 3 ONLINE

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Unpack the language of written music.

This course continues the development of the practical and theoretical skills achieved in Levels 1 and 2, analysing contemporary harmony, modal scales and complex rhythmic concepts. An exploration of performance, composition and research techniques is also included, culminating in an overview of twentieth century genres. A brief discussion of the history of jazz, its evolution and influence on Western music is also presented.

Level 3 will cover:

Harmonic extensions
Modal scales
Compositional and performance techniques
Twentieth century composition basics
Research and historic aspects
Rhythmic exercises and time feels
Intervals and transposition
Conducting and analysis

Students will gain an advanced understanding of harmony and compositional basics and a broad understanding of sight reading, composition and twentieth century musical genres.

As this course builds on concepts quickly, it is recommended that students spend 20 mins per day reviewing concepts and doing the exercises given in class.

ENTRY LEVEL: Students who have completed Music Fundamentals Level 2


Renata was brilliant, and it was just as if we were in the classroom. (REGARDING ONLINE LEARNING)

I came to the course with a reasonable amount of music theory, hoping that it would fill in gaps in my knowledge. The course did this really well and I gained a lot from it. The course method is very effective for building up big picture knowledge and deep understanding.

Renata was fabulous. She brought great enthusiasm and expertise to every session. She was a wonderful teacher

Renata was a motivating teacher and made sure we grasped each concept before progressing to new material. She created a fun and engaging learning environment and I would highly recommend her classes to others.

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