Music Fundamentals Level 2 ONLINE Conservatorium Open Academy

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Music Fundamentals Level 2 ONLINE

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Music Fundamentals Level 2 ONLINE

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<p>Unpack the language of music in this series of courses.</p>

<p>This course extends the practical and theoretical


This is an ONLINE CLASS For adults (minimum age 16)
Participants will need:
a device with a webcam and mic (laptop, tablet or phone all have these as part of their internal systems a desktop or laptop is preferred)
a quiet spot in your home away from distractions
an internet connection
access to your email address you use to register to this class from the device above

A workbook covering Music Fundamentals 1-4  is required for this class. (You may already have purchased this from a previous level). If you need to purchase this, please scroll to the bottom of this page and add to cart with your course enrolment. It will be mailed to the postal address you provide when booking a week before the term starts. The Cost is $50

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Unpack the language of music in this series of courses.

This course extends the practical and theoretical skills achieved in Level 1 and also begins an extensive study of harmony, with an historic look at this development, analysing triads and their inversions, and culminating in a thorough study of all 7th type chords. Cadences and minor scales are also covered.

Level 2 will cover:

  • Be able to construct 3 note chords Triads from any note 
  • Understanding common chord progression.
  • build on the understanding of major keys and the chords that are generated from scales
  • learn the 3 minor scales and their chords 
  • Construct intervals related to chords 
  • Harmonic function why chords sound good in a particular order
  • Continue Music History Overview with 20th Century music
  • Transpose chords and melodies into different keys
  • Harmonic Analysis pop and jazz lead sheets
  • Read more complex rhythms as well as compound time signatures
  • Build on the our knowledge of triads and intervals to construct 7th chords

 By the end of level 2 Students will be able to construct chords and understand them in the context of a key. Be able to understand and analyse chord progressions using triads.

Have a deeper understanding of keys both in major and minor.

Confidently be able to read more complex rhythms and intervals.

As this course builds on concepts quickly, it is recommended that students spend 20 mins per day reviewing concepts and doing the exercises given in class.


Renata was brilliant, and it was just as if we were in the classroom. (REGARDING ONLINE LEARNING)

Renata deals with the vastly different levels of knowledge in the class sans frustration……. Great class, I'll be back for winter!

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