Music Fundamentals Level 4 ONLINE Conservatorium Open Academy

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Music Fundamentals Level 4 ONLINE

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This course continues the development of practical and theoretical skills achieved in Levels 1 2 and 3 .
Harmonic analysis of jazz and contemporary music as well as the use of modes and other scales in composition and improvisation .
Further exploration of rhythmic feels in compound and odd meters as well as concepts such as syncopation and swing feel .Historical perspectives in jazz and art music will be included to for analysis and to develop active listening skills in music .

Level 4 will cover 
An overview of interval reading in the bass clef. 
Harmonic analysis in major minor scales as well modal keys using 7th Chords and their extensions 
Conducting rhythmic exercises in simple compound and odd meters 
Understanding and applying rhythmic concepts such as syncopation and swing feels 
Active listening skills in music and historical perspectives in jazz styles 
Chord function and substitutions
Modal interchange

As this course builds on concepts quickly, it is recommended that students spend 20 mins per day reviewing concepts and doing the exercises given  in class.

ENTRY LEVEL: Students who have completed Music Fundamentals Level 3 or equivalent

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