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Piano for Beginners Level 2

$500 $440 Limited inc GST
Piano for Beginners Level 2

<p>{video type:“youtube” id:“CWlrBxFoPYo” "height:“440” width:“660”}</p><p></div></p><p>Level 2 is designed for the intermediate beginner, who is familiar with the notes of the keyboard, has prior

This is an FACE TO FACE class in the Conservatorium buildingFor adults (minimum age 16)

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Level 2 is designed for the intermediate beginner, who is familiar with the notes of the keyboard, has prior understanding of note reading, and experience with basic scales and playing pieces in 5 finger hand positions.

Over 8 weeks, students will be taken through an intensive course of technical work, finger training and exploration of basic piano literature in varying hand positions, as well as ensemble playing.
The course will be taken at a speed, best supplemented with 20 minutes of daily practice throughout the duration of the course.

Level 2 will cover aspects of learning the piano, including:

  • Understanding keys, and accompanying 2-octave scales and arpeggios of keys up to 3 sharps and 2 flats.
  • Fluidity in changing hand positions for pieces written in multiple hand positions.
  • Application of chords and arpeggios of keys discussed, to some well known melodies.
  • Intermediate level understanding of note values and rhythm
  • Piano solo and ensemble playing win varying 5 finger hand positions.

ENTRY LEVEL: Completion of level 1, Piano for Beginners, or a basic understanding of note reading, familiarity with the 88 keys of the piano, and prior experience with simple 5 finger hand position piano music. Access to a keyboard or piano at home would be benefical.


Excellent, really passionate about teaching and loves music/piano.

Peter is sensitive to all the student needs and their insecurity and he is very encouraged and explains things really well.

_The best thing about Peter is that he’s super patient so you don’t feel like he’s getting annoyed when you get something wrong. Everyone got individual attention. _

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