Piano for Beginners Level 1 Conservatorium Open Academy

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Piano for Beginners Level 1

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Piano for Beginners Level 1

<p>{video type:“youtube” id:“CWlrBxFoPYo” "height:“440” width:“660”}</p><p></div><br/>Never played piano before? Keen to learn? <br/>Piano for Beginners Level 1 is a group class designed for the

This is an FACE TO FACE class in the Conservatorium buildingFor adults (minimum age 16)

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Never played piano before? Keen to learn?
Piano for Beginners Level 1 is a group class designed for the absolute beginner. By the end of the course you will be able to find your way around the keyboard, play simple tunes and accompaniments and understand the basics of good piano technique.

Over 8 weeks, students will be taken through an intensive course of note reading, finger training and exploration of basic piano literature, as well as basic ensemble playing.

Level 1 will cover aspects of learning the piano, including:
• Note naming/recognition of all 88 keys of the piano.
• The musical alphabet
• Note recognition on a music stave
• Piano technique
• Note values and basic rhythmic understanding
• Understanding keys and accompanying 1-octave scales of keys up to 2 sharps and 1 flat.
• Piano solo and ensemble playing within fixed 5 finger hand positions.

Our two tutors for piano for beginners Peter Walsh and Cathy Kerr will take you through Levels 1-4 of the courses with expertise in group teaching and piano technique with care for each student’s musical development in the group.

ENTRY LEVEL: an ability to recognise the notes on the stave is helpful but not essential. Access to a keyboard or piano to practice would be beneficial and we recommend about 20 minutes of daily practice throughout the duration of the course.


Peter is very informative and a lot of knowledge gained in a short time. Catered for different levels

I have really enjoyed Peter’s class and have learnt more than in my previous attempts to Learn piano. It is a relaxed environment with a great mix of technical education, practice and performing.

Cathy is a first class teacher. Warm and encouraging; clear with her guidance; full of enthusiasm for music, the piano, for our learning journeys and her role as our guide.. and a lot of fun too!

_The pace of the learning seemed just right: challenging but also achievable. And a great mix of the practical and
the theoretical._

Great environment, the fact that the classes are held in the building just adds value to the experience