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Jazz Piano: First Steps

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Aimed at the the pianist and is a beginner to Jazz, this course offers students an introduction to jazz harmony, rhythm and improvisation. Over the course of an 8 week intensive students will further develop their technical ability, performance skills and music theory knowledge through playing classic jazz tunes such as Mack The Knife, Fly Me To The Moon, Summertime, as well as rock’n’roll, Motown & soul music that uses jazz harmony – particularly from artists such as The Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

In the spirit of a keyboard lab, the course embraces creativity and experimentation as well as working through concrete notated scores; students will be guided to explore their own interpretations of each tune, and collective performances and small informal ‘jam’ sessions will encourage students to share and co-create ideas.

Entry level: completion of Piano for Beginners level 3 (learning for approximately 1-2 years) or equivalent; students are expected to be familiar with the piano keyboard, have some experience playing notated piano music in the treble and bass clefs, and a basic understanding of the major scale and major and minor triads.