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Jazz Ensembles - Audition

These classes are designed for students who wish to develop confident improvisation, aural and sight reading skills. They provide an ensemble-based environment for the development of personal jazz skills, along with an understanding of the dynamics at work in a small performance group. Typically there will be drums, electric bass, piano, horns (trumpet, alto, tenor) and guitar as the usual line-up. Other instruments are welcome (vibes, flute etc). During the term: Drummers will... [More]
$20 Limited inc GST
Jazz Ensembles - Audition

<p>{video type:“youtube” id:“9yqZ3cys9bI” "height:“440” width:"660}</p><p>These classes are designed for students who wish to develop confident improvisation, aural and sight reading skills. They


For adults (minimum age 16)

Monday 7 Feb - 6-8pm (tutor – Andrew Dickeson) (places available FOR PIANO AND HORNS)
Tuesday 8 Feb – 6-8pm (tutor – Brendan Clarke) (places available for PIANO AND HORNS)
Wednesday 9 Feb – 6-8pm (tutor – Hannah James) (places availabel for BASS)
Thursday 10 Feb – 6-8pm (tutor – Michael Bartolemei) (places available for DRUMS, BASS AND HORNS)

Any woodwind or brass instrument will be considered for the ‘horn’ positions. We do not have any vacancies for guitarists this term.

The fee for the 8 week term is $530. If you enrol for an audition by 10 Jan, you will only pay the Early Bird rate for the term $466.40 (12% discount), providing you are successful at audition. If you are a full time student or hold a current pension/healthcare card you are eligible for a 15% discount. You can enter your ID number at checkout to receive this discount. PLEASE NOTE: We will only audition positions that are vacant. Current students have first option to re-enrol. We will inform you if there are no spots available to audition for asap and refund your audition fee.

Please let us know your instrument when you enrol.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

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This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.