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Impro Basics Level 1

This course is designed for instrumentalists with no background in improvisation. It provides students with an opportunity to play in a small group and to learn elementary theoretical concepts, historical knowledge and basic skills in the art of jazz improvisation. Students will learn to: Put into practice theoretical knowledge of harmony and scales Train their ear and recognise chords and scales Perform technical exercises for improving improvisation skills Develop time and... [More]
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For adults (minimum age 16)
Entry Level: Ability to read simple melody line and chord symbol charts.

2 pianos * (NO SPOTS LEFT)*
2 guitars * (NO SPOTS LEFT)*
1 bass *
1 drum kit *
and any number of horns or other instruments.

Please let us know your instrument by filling in the Additional Enrolment Information page when you are completing your enrolment.

We will update the availability of places as enrolments are received.

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This course will look at various great songwriters and their methods and explore some fundamentals of songwriting by covering the following areas: Song analysis (listening to classic songs and analysing how they work and how the song is structured). Focusing on: chord structures, melodic ideas and touching lyrical content. Setting lyrics to music and music to lyrics. Writing music based on an existing drum beat. Analysing characteristics of genres. Discussing song structures:... [More]
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Blues Guitar Level 1

Blues Guitar will look into the Blues Form and discuss the cadence, primary chords, associated scales, tensions and stress points of the harmony and melody. This course will look at variations to the basic progression and discuss the various sub genres such as Delta, Chicago, Texas Blues and more. The course will also present and analyse transcribed solos and look into the sounds and effects created by a few notable Blues guitarist players. In addition, a presentation of more... [More]
For adults (minimum age 16)
Students will need to bring their own guitar and lead if applicable. Both acoustic and electric welcome.

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Impro Basics Level 2

For instrumentalists who have completed Impro Basics Level 1, or who have some improvisation experience, this course provides an opportunity to continue developing elementary skills in ensemble playing, improvisation and standard jazz repertoire. Classes establish practical ensemble skills by: Putting improvisation ideas into practice Learning melodies and chord progressions without music, developing memory Creating ensemble arrangements On completion of the course, a student’s... [More]

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Blues Guitar Level 2

Blues Guitar 2 is an extension of Blues Guitar 1. It will focus on open tunings, blues slide guitar playing, chord voicing, right hand strumming technique and the playing styles of a few notable blues guitar players. Topics will be presented through class discussion, listening exercises and transcribed solos. [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

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Jazz Ensembles or Jazzgroup One - Audition

Jazz Ensembles (intermediate level) run on Mondays -*tutored by Andrew Dickeson* as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays - tutored by Ron Philpott. Jazzgroup One (advanced level) runs on Wednesdays - tutored by Brendan Clarke. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS A 15 minute unaccompanied audition to determine which ensemble suits you best. You should be prepared to play two jazz standards of your choice, to improvise over a blues head and to do some basic sight reading of a chart. Drummers will also... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

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World Music Ensemble - Audition

World Music Ensemble is intended for mid-level players who want to improve their improvisation, rhythmic, aural, sight-reading, technical, and listening skills through a diverse world music program. In addition, ensemble members gain an insight into rehearsal and performance practices, how to organize arrangements and the dynamics of working within a group. Repertoire is developed through both the oral tradition, where melodic and harmonic material is learned by ear, and from... [More]

Jazz Guitar

This course is aimed at intermediate level guitarists who want to expand on their jazz knowledge while meeting other players of a similar level. It’s a playing based course and the small class size (maximum of six) allows for a good deal of in class jamming. Topics usually covered include technical aspects of scales and jazz chords, harmony analysis, accompaniment styles, rhythmic aspects and soloing. Examples of repertoire from previous classes include Blue Bossa, Tune Up,... [More]
For adults (minimum age 16)
Entry Level: Entry Level: Intermediate level players with some existing jazz playing experience. Knowledge of major scales, key signatures and some jazz chords is required.
Students will need to bring their own guitar and lead. Amplifier will be provided. Acoustic guitar is also welcome.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

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